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Food industry

The food, brewing and beverage industries are coping with increasingly complex requirements on a daily basis. As a plant operator you are faced with increasing cost pressures while at the same time having to respond to the increasingly varied wishes of consumers.

To be able to produce at optimum costs and quality you depend upon modern, reliable production facilities and processes. Whenever water plays a role within your production process, directly or indirectly, Bauer Watertechnology’s solutions can be used to optimise your value added chain and to secure the future of your facilities.

Plastics industry

The hard competitive struggle forces the plastics industry to offer products of outstanding quality at a marketable price point. To satisfy this requirement, operating sequences and operating costs must be minimised.

As a long-standing partner of the plastics industry, Bauer Watertechnology offer products counteracting the effects of increasing water prices and increasingly stringent environmental regulations. With the help of our solution  - consisting of the chemical-free water treatment device and a suitable filter – the buildup of sludge can be prevented in the cooling circuits of the machines and the tools. Cooling and heating systems equipped with our technology are largely maintenance free, thus assuring the highest productivity and availability and leading to lower overall production costs as well.

Housing and real estate

As energy costs and the price of water continually rise, it is increasingly important to maintain and enhance the functionality and efficiency of the existing HVAC systems in all types of buildings: residential, commercial as well as publicly owned.

Bauer Watertechnology have developed a technology that can be used to cut down heating, cooling and maintenance expenses significantly. By using our chemical-free technology, layers and deposits in all HVAC and plumbing systems can be minimised with a lasting effect. This helps to protect the whole installation against damages and failures as well as against the efficiency losses that are the most common causes for increased consumption of energy and water over the course of the system’s life cycle. In old buildings, the gradual cleaning of the heat exchangers, valves and radiators typically translates into substantial energy savings thanks to the recovery and restoration of the system efficiency.

Our technology is based on leveraging and utilising the full potential of the versatile and widely researched action mechanisms and phenomena occurring in the physical properties of water under an optimised, varied-frequency magnetic field. In the end, it is a matter of actually delivering on the promise in practice that has always been our most important guideline. As a result, thousands of satisfied customers have been able to experience and enjoy the unique benefits of our technology in their own homes.

Transport and traffic

Modern transportation stands not only for increased mobility and timely performance under mounting cost pressures, but also for a higher-than-ever safety standard and a continuous quest towards greater sustainability and smaller carbon footprint.

Bauer Watertechnology supply components for the aerospace service industry. For example, our technology enables chemical additives to be reduced in de-icing. Apart from this direct cost reduction and environmental benefit, maintenance and operating costs are also lowered. The wing surfaces are handled more carefully by the lower amount of chemical additives while downtimes of pumps and energy costs are minimised.

In shipping our technology is used e.g. for fresh-water supply to counteract limescale in pipes and the high maintenance costs resulting from it. A Scandinavian ice-breaker fleet, among others, has been using our technology for a long time with great success.

Drinking water

Bauer Watertechnology have developed a solution for the internal protection and cleaning of piping systems that can be used in all types of real estate to optimise costs and to look after the property value in the long run. Irrespective whether in a detached single-family house or a larger building, our technology is able to minimise limescale buildup and to improve the corrosion resistance of the piping. In addition, the brown turbidity of the water caused by scales and corrosion products coming off the pipe walls in an uncontrolled manner as a result of sudden changes in water pressure and flow patterns when the valves and taps are operated is greatly reduced. The entire system including the fittings, valves and other components, down to the individual water-fed appliances, are protected and their maintenance intervals as well as service lives extended.

In old plumbing systems, the Bauer water treatment brings about the gradual dissolution of pre-existing limescale layers while preventing new ones from developing. Additional savings – as well as environmental benefits - are achieved in domestic hot water preparation thanks to the simple fact that cleaner heating elements and heat exchangers equal higher efficiency and lower overall energy consumption. Over the course of their life cycles the accumulated savings can amount to very significant amounts. Further economies are reported in both cleaning and washing thanks to simpler and easier treatment of e.g. limescale spots and reduced need for detergents and other cleaning agents.


An extremely high quality standard is expected from producers of electronic components. The competitive pressure is continuously increasing due to the globalisation of the markets. Meeting the delivery dates and avoiding production standstills are of paramount importance.

Bauer Watertechnology’s chemical-free water treatment devices - in combination with a suitable filter system – slow down and counteract both corrosion and the buildup of sludge in the production-critical cooling and tempering circuits. In this way downtimes of expensive machines and processes can be shortened.

With the help of our technology the use of chemicals can be minimised or even eliminated altogether, which translates into further cost reductions and helps the companies in meeting their social responsibility goals such as the quest for higher employee safety standards and greater sustainability.


The main objective in the healthcare services is to increase the quality of life up to a high age. Since the general populace in many countries is ageing, there is an increasing pressure to balance the costs of healthcare on a national level as well. Huge amounts of chemical agents are used every year in the areas of hygiene and disinfection and for the reliable operation of various medical apparatus. However, the excessive use of chemical substances is highly problematic not only from both a health and an environmental viewpoint; it is also a significant cost factor.
In many areas the use of chemicals can be minimised permanently with the help of the Bauer water treatment. Consumption and costs of additives as well as operating costs such as cleaning and maintenance expenses are reduced. For example, one application is adopted in dental practices. Thanks to the use of our technology, the jets and nozzles perform more reliably and the cleaning cycles of the instruments are clearly extended leading to higher productivity and profitability.

Hotels and Restaurants

The plumbing systems in all types of HoReCa facilities are concurrently subjected to high loads and stringent requirements in the form of hygienic standards and regulations while having to look after and cater for customers’ needs and tastes under ever-increasing pricing pressures. The critical cleaning and maintenance operations and activities represent a major cost element. The problems and challenges are exacerbated further in areas where water hardness is an issue causing disruptions in the functionality and operability of the plumbing systems as well as failures and breakdowns of the sanitary equipment and water-based appliances such as coffee and espresso machines, dish washers etc.

The whole piping system of the drinking water and/or hot-water supply together with all of its components and critical appliances can be protected against limescale deposits and rust with the help of Bauer Watertechnology’s chemical-free water treatment device. Being completely maintenance-free after the initial installation, the Bauer pipejet device ensures cost-optimised operation while providing thorough and continuous protection against corrosion and potentially costly leakages and water damages. With a suitable filter system, the technology can also be used to protect the HVAC systems such as cooling and heating circuits. Additionally, the Bauer pipejet device looks after the efficiency of the system by keeping the heat exchangers and transfer surfaces as well as the water itself in pristine condition.

Forest industries

Pulp and paper products are frequently required at a short notice - flexible production processes and just-on-time deliveries at a constantly high quality are imperative in order to prevail against the competition. Also the various aspects of water management are gaining in significance.
Thanks to the use of Bauer Watertechnology’s pipejet devices together with suitable filter systems, the buildup of sludge and silt can be minimised in the numerous water-based cooling, heating and lubrication circuits found on typical pulp, paper and saw-wood producing compounds. This has a major positive impact on the operability, maintenance and efficiency of the systems and – subsequently – on the productivity and availability of the whole productional equipment.

In addition, significant cost and environmental benefits can be reported in the reduced use of chemicals as well as in waste-water handling and management.  Yet again, the benefits of our chemical-free water treatment are truly diverse and substantial.

Metal industry

In increasingly global competition precision, delivery reliability and optimised production processes are gaining in importance. At the same time, the steel processing industry is exposed to an enormous cost pressure.
Bauer Watertechnology have developed components that can be used in various production processes to assist in cost optimisation purposes. By using our chemical-free water treatment technology, all kinds of deposits caused by corrosion and minerals contained in the water itself can be minimised. In combination with a suitable filter system, the technology can also prevent the silting up of the sensitive cooling and heating circuits, which brings about a direct benefit in the form of minimised downtimes and maintenance requirements, thus improving the availability of the systems.

The unique solutions developed and offered by Bauer Watertechnology can be used to optimise your value added chain, to protect the future of your plant and to reduce costs wherever water plays a role within the production process.

Energy supply

The increasing worldwide demand for electricity, deregulation and market liberalisation all pose new challenges on the entire energy sector. As an operator, service supplier or manufacturer of an energy-generating plant, innovative concepts are required from you to increase productivity and efficiency under enormous cost pressure. Plant standstills and failures of critical components very rapidly lead to extremely high operating costs and losses.
Bauer Watertechnology offer solutions for reducing operating costs of energy generating plants. Our products, in combination with suitable filter systems, protect cooling and heating circuits preventing them from silting up without the addition of unnecessary amounts of chemical substances to the liquid medium used in the circulation. The application spectrum is wide and varied: from transformer oil cooling up to the heat exchanger systems in energy generation.

Cooling Towers

Air conditioning systems in shopping malls and office buildings are a must nowadays.

Prevention of layers and corrosion in the air conditioning systems is of paramount importance.  A non-working air conditioning system will lead to big losses of visitors or productivity.

For closed systems, as well as for open or combined systems with cooling towers, Bauer Watertechnology offer a 100% chemical-free, sustainable water treatment solution which, with the help of an appropriate filtering system, maintains the water in the cooling circuits in crystal clear condition and the piping, heat exchangers and other equipment free of deposits and layers.

Thanks to the layer-free surfaces in the equipment, a better performance of the complete system can be achieved with reduced need for maintenance and lower water and energy consumption.

Bauer, contributing to preserve the environment.

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