17 000€ Annual savings in heating costs with the help of Bauer water treatment

In 2009 the housing corporation Särkiniemen Haka, consisting of 88 apartments in 3 buildings, decided to install Bauer water treatment devices in their heating and tap water systems. Based on the district heating consumption statistics provided by Kuopio Energy the net energy saving from two comparable months in 2007 and 2011 amounts to 19%. The temperature of the supply water to the radiator network has been lowered by 8 degrees. Furthermore, the cooling of the heat exchanger has improved by ca. 11% whereas the subscribed water volume from the district heating company has been lowered by 14%.

Installing the Bauer device to a drinking water system

A professional plumber installs the Bauer device into a tap water system. The Bauer device lengthens the service life of the plumbing as well as the fittings and appliances connected to it. Keep your pipes clean. You’ll save a lot of money…and the environment.

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La guía de diseño Bauer le ofrece amplia información técnica sobre nuestros productos, incluyendo las directrices que le ayudan en la determinación del tamaño y la capacidad óptima para sus necesidades junto con las instrucciones detalladas de instalación e incluso imágenes CAD (modelos en 2D y 3D) sobre todos nuestros productos.

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Bauer ATP Cup

Bauer Watertechnology es el patrocinador titular de la Copa Bauer - un torneo de tenis muy apreciada perteneciente a la serie ATP Challenger hospedado por House of Sports en Eckental, norte de Baviera. Para obtener más información sobre el torneo, visite el portal oficial través del siguiente enlace: 

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